Reviews for "Diary of William Ostler"


That was...kinda boring, in all honesty. Not really much point, and it was just...mediocre.


That was certainly different. I liked it though, it's good to see some innnovation now and then. Keep em coming, they'll keep getting fifened.


this was a little above average but not by much. the graphics were really good, as well as the sound. i like the premise of a Die-ry but i thought the overall idea of the malcontent, semi-homicidal boy finding pleasure in writing in his diary about death and coming to the conclusion that it's cathartic is too overdone. minimal violence can be accounted for, if any. and i really didn't find it too funny, but that may just be me. in all however, i really enjoyed the flash but still found a lot of it's flaws cumbersome. sorry.

loved it

so cool, very creative, kinda creepy -- can't wait to see more from you


Very creative. I especially liked the music. And the overall concept was just really cool. Keep it up.