Reviews for "Diary of William Ostler"


The whole "die-ry" thing reminds me of the comic "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" where Johnny keeps his own die-ary. Anyway, I found this quite entertaining!

beautiful graphics...

Got some wicked humor there... it was an interesting idea and i liked it a lot, never think of diary that way lol! I hope he make some more wicked diaries. Goodluck and keep it up.


Interesting enough. The only thing I found funny about it though, was that I used to make little drawing like that I when I was younger and wanted to blow up the planet. Otherwise I don't really know how the hell this ended up in the funny section.

It was interesting though.

very good- not funny

you must be a goth. oh, i hate goth mother fuckers. anyway this should be in the serious section. very sick and twisted yet somehow satisfying. good jorb.


how ever made this flash relly needs help