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Reviews for "Megaman Adventures EP2"

what's going on?

The moive itself is good. But I couldn't understand what's going on there? Why did Megaman battle against Sonic? How did he come to Sonic's world? At least you should make a simple introduction to tell me what happened in EP1. By the way, I felt really werid when Megaman looked like Mario in his super form.

LMAOx2....I accidently reviewed net battle

I REALLY NEVER SAW THAT ENDING COMING AND I HOENSTLY DON'T KNOW WHY MEGZ WANTS TO KILL SONIC PLEASE MAKE MORE CAUSE THATS MESSED!!!!.....is what I typed to Net Battle and thats what I think of this. I accidently went to review this cuz I had a lot of windows open and got confused and went on the wrong one I feel stupid but It was funny.


you really improved lots from your last episode, its beggining to get good, i really liked it, try to lay off the swearing next tme maybe lol


sonic turned into super-sonic and mega man turned into ........................super..mega mario man????????

no plot! good music

I dont see why mega man entered sonic's emerald zone. Just to fight him? I dont get it!
The music was well timed though, I enjoyed the techno beats.
It was an alright clip, the fighting was pretty low key but it had my attention.
keep it up, its how all you animators get better.