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Reviews for "Megaman Adventures EP2"


only one thing, why is he dressed up like mario?

And i give you credit already if u animate the megamarioman(because u have to make custom sprites)


that was really good, liked how you included the power acquisition, it looked really cool, cant wait for the next one.

I like your style.

yeah, amazing. I'm but a fan of your flashe, mainly the Megaman ones. Not only this one, but the first one is good too. Its way diffrent then the others, so I give it a 10 style, Good luck to you in EP3.

I think i got it

I cant tell if you have a really subtle sense of humor or just think that megaman telling sonic to shut up then shooting him with his power ray is freakin sweet. either way good job?

that was preety good.

i see talent in your flash skills. you are preety good. but mario turned to super mega mario ehhh... i gotta see how this ends.