Reviews for "~EnV~Celebration"

Nice man.

Very catchy and uplifting. The second half of the song was crazy. Great job.

Envy responds:

Thanks for the review!

omg ftw n stuffs

It would save a lot of time if people just argreed with my posts and stuff but that was trippy as!!!!!!

I cant find a smily that combinds :) with :D and ^_^ along with :O and O_O but a simple math equation like :)+D+O+^_^+O_O=X does the trick 4 me.....

also becuase this toook 3 loops to write ive decided it loops well 2 :P

Holy $#!+ again!

Haha, very nice! I see a lot of potential in the happy hardcore area for you!

my gawd.

i am having an orgasm in my pants.


even I'm impressed, sooooooo fast yet controlled and sounds beautiful! fucking awesome!

Envy responds:

Im glad i impressed even you XD