Reviews for "~EnV~Celebration"




This has got to be my favorite song of yours. The transitions are excellent, and the 8-bit in the middle is simply superb. However, my only complaint is that I don't really like how it ended. I like the sort of restatement of the beginning theme after the break in the middle, but at the end it just kind of loses energy, which I suppose might probably be what you wanted. You are the composer after all!

Again, great job. I check every day to see if you've submitted something new, because I love your work! Keep doing what you do.


You are REALLY serious with that HappyHardcore thing hm? That has to be the most awesum HappyH song I've ever listened to.
It's soo fast but so exact... every single note fits in perfectly. The only thing i once again have to criticise is, that it's too short... but wayne I just listen to it more often :D

Sooo I think it's time for OrangeRunner2 now


This is a great song. Kicks and piano are great!

I might be crazy but I swear I heard mario coin sounds and sonic running sounds.

Best song on NG!

I love this song sooo much! I've listened to it soo many times :).
Nice job! :D.