Reviews for "~EnV~Celebration"

Long time ago

Meh.....its been a long time ago since I listened to your epic music...I ALWAYS listened to Heaven Rd.2 NG mix......I lvoed that song so much :D...now im here listening to your songs again...You know what....your just plain Awesome :D

This song...

This song inspired me. Greatly...

I'm now going to go hook up my surround sound system that I have been meaning to hook up for the past year.

Subwoofer blasting out these hardcore beats. That's my goal, and I will complete that which I have set to do.

Neighbors. Be ready to be pissed off at the extreme volume!


I am SO going to chart this =).
Awesome song with the right BPM. Been looking for songs forever and this just made my day. Wish I could rate your song 1000.. but I can't.

Thanks dude.

Envy has done it again

Envy PWNS. Hands down.

Makes me dance!!

Nice! This song is makes me and my friends dance like Dig Dutz....