Reviews for "~EnV~Celebration"



Yep that's it.

I love the constant soft undertones of the 8-bit sound which blends nicely with your style. I am verrrrry impressed even though I would have no reason to not be. SO yeah, awesome, loved it right up to the end.

:) you make me lolz

AwEsOmE. Maybe you filled this song with sugar-coated happiness on crack with rainbow watamulonz (lol) dipped in red-and-white striped chocolate. Yum.


Immediately into the song it instantly grabs your attention. It had me hooked from the get go. Then close to the 1:00 mark it has a piano solo. That is really quite nice! Very inventive! I also like how the piano keeps up with the tempo so well. Then the video game sound was completely unexpected but a pleasant surprise. Hehe I like how the song continues to change from one moment to the next. It keeps your mind active and wondering what will come next. It has so many different sounds that you have to listen to it many times to get it all. It is well done. I love it! Great work!


OO! Hard!