Reviews for "~EnV~Celebration"

Hah, remember me?

lol, I'm constantly checking out your songs to see something new, and I found this one and it's awsomm!

I remember you once saying that you can't sing along with your melody's, well, the one that comes in at 1:20 is one of those, probably your most unsingable melody ever, but it's the one I most like in this song ghehe...
I can definetly hear that it sounds a lot like Forever, but IMO this one is much better, less repetative, better transitions between some parts of the song.
So, great song! and you seriously should get paid for this...

Envy responds:

Hmmmm I hate those unsingable melodies (Not really but XD)

As for getting paid, feel free to send me a couple bucks :3

omg ftw n stuffs

It would save a lot of time if people just argreed with my posts and stuff but that was trippy as!!!!!!

I cant find a smily that combinds :) with :D and ^_^ along with :O and O_O but a simple math equation like :)+D+O+^_^+O_O=X does the trick 4 me.....

also becuase this toook 3 loops to write ive decided it loops well 2 :P


DUDE the speed of this song flipped me off my chair lol. It was damn good lol. I always do love your stuff. Much repect :)

Envy responds:


Amazing song.

The melody / tune was superb. The bassline was insane, and everything just worked together. Loved how fast it actually went, yet it stayed calm, for some reason. Probably good use of instruments and melody.
All in all, its a great song. I love it.


This song could make an emo dance...

This is wonderful, i can't resist dancing to this song! The bass is wonderful, and the tune is flawless. I am going to show this song to all of my friends, i'm sure they will all love this song. Just one question, What is the BPM of this song?, i'm curious. ^^ 5/5