Reviews for "~EnV~Celebration"

Holy $#!+ again!

Haha, very nice! I see a lot of potential in the happy hardcore area for you!


can ears have orgasms? if they do, i just had many... :D and it ruined mah headphones, but im not complaining.

First before the criticism...

I'll let you know that your music is the only thing I can use to keep my ADHD friend on track at school when we're doing labs (he 'slacks off' on his pills some days...). No matter when it is or how energetic, your music keeps him in check with the beat!

Now onto the criticism....
Overall it's good, not as great as your Heaven collection, but it's very nice. Fast pace, mixing it up here and there; it's definitely got that "Envy" Signature I mentioned in Endurance.
However, with the Sweet comes the bitter. The shift at 1:20 gives the listener a "WTF" feeling due to the change of sounds (was that from a game in the previous 10 seconds? Sounded familiar). And yes, that fade out was a little weak, but it may have done the trick to end the song.

Still, I think it's a very good piece of music. Can't wait to hear future music from you!
--"Kamikaze" Kent


Im a big fan of your Heaven rd.2! and this takes the cake, your music just makes me want to move haha, keep it up! You have some magic about you ;P

Envy responds:

I put on my robe and wizard hat

*phew* okay good...

when I saw the "date submited" I was worried for a sec that you were playing some cruel joke for shits and giggles
I really glad I was wrong
AMAZING, like all of your stuff, not exactly the same as forever and I must say once more that...welll.....IT IS AMAZING
you never stop amazing me

Envy responds:

I was gonna play an april fools joke but I forgot :(

Maybe next year :3