Reviews for "God's Message"

And God said it was funny.

That was very good. Although it appears that many people on this site are extreme atheists, you have pulled through. I, too, am a christian and an animator. I think you did an excelent job and snapped in a good punchline at the end. Took me a couple second to get the joke. I love those kinds of jokes. Animate on dude.

Godlimations responds:

All people have miraculous talents, it's humans who stop those talents from becoming a gift. very good. Where is your animation?


im sending this to all of my friends they will laugh till they die.


I really liked this. It was funny, but it was spreading the message of God. Couldn't ask for anything better. And if anyone doesn't understand, to God, a million years is like a second, and a million dollars is like a cent. So he asks for a million dollars, which is like a cent, and God says, just a second, which is like a million years. That might have confused you more, sorry, just trying to help.


haha, i loved it.
very funny.

LOL! I loved how despite the profound message of the loading screen, this was all a buildup to a joke and a hilarious one at that. Great job dude!