Reviews for "God's Message"

I liked it

I couldnt really find the message but it was still good. escpillyt the graphics. u dont see to much of these on newgrounds. I wish i could talk to god

Godlimations responds:

thanks, and I think everyone would wish to talk to God, but the truth is, we are, but just not noticing it. Prayer is an example when talking to God, and so many other ways.


this is great, you did a very good job at humerously misleading me into thinking i was watching something completly serious, and it was a delightful revelation. :)

Godlimations responds:

ahh. delight yourself in the lord :)

good punchline

that was another good joke and flash animation...i look forward to another...and you dont have to believe in god to mkae these jokes...nor do u have to hate him...i think these jokes r kinda on the neutral level..and always glad to hear em...so peace out


Ver sweet

freaking halarious!

I loved it! God rocks!