Reviews for "God's Message"

LOL! I loved how despite the profound message of the loading screen, this was all a buildup to a joke and a hilarious one at that. Great job dude!


Inspiringly hilarious.

It's quite short but it really caught my attention.
The graphics and animations are presentable, it really made feel and appreciate the moral lesson of the story and the purpose of the whole stuff. The sound effects really suits the animations.
Overall, i must say it's PERFECT..But..

Actually, for me, when making something like this masterpiece to inspire everyone, to make everyone relate, to make everyone feel about the presence of God any BASIS aren't important perhaps the EFFORT of the crew/creators who made it.

I am more proud to say that I AM PROUD OF ALL OF YOU, GUYS.

Thank you for making me re- think that there is still a GOD.

Keep up the Good work! God Bless.


It was short, sweet, and punny! I seriously cracked up at the 'just a second' part

:D :)

it never loaded..... I'm glad though. I needed to read the WORD this morning and you got me to do so. :D