Reviews for "God's Message"

a second...

"So what is a million years to you? An hour?" "It is like a second my child."

"So how bout' a million dollars?" "Sure son. Just a second."
Ha ha, sucker. All of these animations hold tons of good points, keep these good animations coming.

I love this

Great flash, good voice, and great music : )

God Bless U


I'm a catholic...

I Guess why most people don't believe in god it is because they think they are good enough on their own without god...

They think they are smart enough for them not to believe, evolution theory i don't believe them "do you really think that we came from monkey?" humans are known for being superior...

But otherwise i love your works, great animation !

I will add you to my favorite artists... ^_^

I know there's a point...

But I don't get it...could someone explain?? Other than that, good animations, voices and music.

ha ha

hat was just plain funny...I actually lol