Reviews for "God's Message"

Always funny, never gets old

Awesome, my pastor told me this joke last year

I get it!

I didn't understand it the first time either. Now I get it. Funny.

Nice one

The first time I didn't really got the joke, but the second time I watched it I got the message. All I can say is, that the joke was most brilliant, and one I had never heard.

Very enjoyable!


I really liked this. It was funny, but it was spreading the message of God. Couldn't ask for anything better. And if anyone doesn't understand, to God, a million years is like a second, and a million dollars is like a cent. So he asks for a million dollars, which is like a cent, and God says, just a second, which is like a million years. That might have confused you more, sorry, just trying to help.

god is awsome

god rocks