Reviews for "God's Message"


ok, it was funny in a way. But it would have been even more funny if you would have made up your own joke instead of taking it off a song.

Godlimations responds:

taking it off a song? well I didn't do that, the story was told to me from a friend, and who cares anyway in this matter, it is to spread the Word of God.


I'm not personally Christian, but this is actually pretty darned funny, I've got to admit. The joke is clever, and the punchline "& God said it was good" even adds an edge to it.

Animation quality is great as well.


Godlimations responds:

thankyou :) please consider reading the verse from the title :) and get some revelation out of it hehe.


good 1, heard it though.

Godlimations responds:

thats good, you'll hear it again!


(god said that for him a million years=second)

"soo how about a million dollars"
"shur, just a second"


Godlimations responds:

yes... roflolmao indeed.

Not what I expected either

From the title of it and the pre loader I thought it was going to a bible thumping god is great type of thing. But to my surprise the joke in it was was quite funny and the animation was well done. Glad to see that their is a christian with a sense of humor about religion out there. anyway good job keep it up.

Godlimations responds:

thankyou kind sir