Reviews for "God's Message"


funny took me a minuite to get the ending though,good work!

Godlimations responds:



its been a while since a toon on newgrounds has actually made me REALLY laugh. Exellent!

Godlimations responds:

thankyou, and Im very glad that it was God this time thats made you laugh :)


that was good im not a christian but that was realy funny at the end there but ya nice job on that one

Godlimations responds:

thats fine, if your not a Christian, read the intro, and think... think about it :P

good work lad

i like this style very much - message was good too - to be honest im not surprised it received such good scores, but with all the people on ng that probably urk the idea of god i am surprised at the same time - you must have a real talent to pull that off

Godlimations responds:

thanks, its the talent that God has given me, and the faith I show that brings me to where I stand today :)


hmm i dont get it ..
maybe cuz i dont belife in god ? i dont know .. if it was supose to be some kind of joke i dont get it
but in any case it was nicely done and i liked the irsh-style voice thingy ..

Godlimations responds:

even non believers can get this joke, thanks for the comment :)