Reviews for "God's Message"

The answer!

Lol, i fucking get the joke, it fucking made me laugh out of my chair! for the idiots who dont get what god means, its like this:
When the guy asked god if one million years is a second to him and god said yes then he asked for a million dollars then god is like "Ok, one second" which is one million years! LOL FUCKING FUNNY!!!!


Ver sweet


Not saying it's religious, not saying its sucks. But I didn't understand the ending. Yeah im probably an idiot. But maby pm me and explain things. Great animation otherwise and I think I'll share this with my friend who is really religious, waybe he can help me...but he's sure to like it. Keep up the good work!

Nice one

I like what I see on this. I like what I hear on this as well. Ignore the damn critics, you're doing just fine. Love the msg though

The joke was funny for a second but..

I've been reading some of your reviews (both the good and bad) and to be honest I think its about time you woke up to the real world. God didn't create all this, he didn't even create Christianity, the Romans did. Christianity is an idea in your head man...open your mind and stop thinking everything is an act of god. Its an act of your own free will, the free thinking human being. I don't want to be too scientific but to be simple, this world and everything in it was created by evolution. You say that God is everywhere but in fact you are wrong, the evidence of evolution is what is all around us. If I asked you to bring me evidence of God or any happenings in the bible, could you do it? And that means hard evidence, not something rediculous like "The evidence is all around you" - because I've already told you about that. I don't want to seem hurtful to you, because I actually respect your faith, it gives a good guide to later life. However you seem to take the writings of the Bible as fact, and I'm afraid that is not true. And in the end (I'm talking about all religion in general here) how much has religion given us? Death is the answer, despite religion's teachings it has killed millions upon millions. You just have to look at examples like Hitler, the Romans, the Al Quaeda terrorists groups ect. What I'm trying to say is, don't let Religion blind you to the world. K?

Godlimations responds:

thanks for the review, I love the fact you are trying to enforce your own beliefs onto mine.

"real"? define what is real, your perception of reality is different than mine, it is different than that a Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic and so on. People may look at the glass half empty, but the glass can also be seen half full, both are real, but in my own perception, I choose to look at the positive side of it.

Romans did not create Christianity, the founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ.

Our actions are caused by our freewill you are correct, but depending on how we choose to use our freewill is based on our influences, our motives, and desires, whether it be good or bad. Our influences from God helps us to do good

It's a lot easier and simpler believing in God than evolution I tell you that.

Was God there when evolution was created =) The big bang theory: God spoke and "BANG!" it happened.

Could you bring me evidence that wind is existant? Can you physically see oxygen? Perhaps to a comprehensive level you can prove to me these things, however the message I am bringing is that the change of people within the Christian culture also states evidence in the existence of God, whether it be the change within peoples lives, the testimonies people have strived through within their daily choices. How is this evidence? For the pure goodness within the lives of people. Their are people who claim to be anything other than Christian, and still do good, but what they've missed is that they are actually applying Christian principles without even knowing it :)

I apologise if it seems that I have taken the Bible as fact, I really wanted to portray it as truth.

I agree with you about religion, it has undoubtedly ruined and destroyed peoples lives in the past, but come to think about it, so has the world and its own corrupted nature.

I'm very glad that you are very open to this discussion, and that you are concerned for those you believe are blind-hearted.

Your a champion and I hope this helped!