Reviews for "God's Message"

Nicely done

Not going to break down my review like I did on a couple of your other flashes, just going to make a couple quick comments:

First of all, I find it funny that people get up in arms when "closed-minded" Christians share their faith. If a person is mad at Christians for having closed minds, then they should, by all logic, have open minds. In that case, they shouldn't get mad when a Christian has a closed mind and shares their faith. After all, isn't that what being open-minded is all about? Not getting upset with others and telling them their wrong? So why are these "open-minded" people getting mad at closed-minded people? Doesn't that make them closed-minded?

Second, if there is no God, then why do people care whether or not religion has caused deaths? If there is no God, all death is is a permanent rest... in which case, atheists should be jumping up and down for joy when religious fanatics, or anyone else for that matter, slaughters people.

Along those lines, how can atheists call religion evil? By what standard are they defining religion as evil? If all life is is a cosmic accident, then there really is no right or wrong, and so no reason whatsoever to say that religion is evil. It's so laughable when atheists decide to define something as right or wrong.

and God said, it was goooooooood =P

lol at first my thoughts were . . . . .huh? i dont get it. . . . .
but then i saw the punchline and was like hahahaha
anyways good flash. I can really apreciate it because im christan.

Graphics: very well done
Style: 10 because you just dont see many pro religion movies on the internet thus making this a very uniqe flash.
Sound: Had no problems with hearing, nicly done on the E-nunciation
Violance: was none
Interactivity: play and re-play bar
Humor: although i didnt get it at first it made me LOL hard =P
Overall: I liked this flash alot and am glad that you can tie religion in with humor like that.

Nicely Done

I have to agree With Kor-Rune Religon has caused MILLIONS of deaths over the Mellinium things like the Crusades and the Romans masscaring the Cristians in their early history are but a few examples As for Hitler While he did believe that Aryans were better than jews in every way The Theory of Evolution maintains that there is only one kind of human

To say that Hitler killed all those Jews because he belived in the Theory of Evolution is nothing but insulting to me And likely to many others

Anyway Back to the Flash
Graphics: 10 Nicely done
Style: 10 Heh its very unique in a Great way
Sound: 10 The Australian Accent kicks ass
Violence: 0 Well if you put in Someone being wacked with a baseball bat in the Background that i didn't notice or something then its N/A
Interactivty: Play button
Humor: 10 Nice

To the last reviewer...

The belief in evolution didn't bring upon the death of millions, Hitler's propoganda and natural deranged mind did. You cannot blame him either, he thought he was doing no wrong whatsoever. People want to do what's right to satisfy themselves, and Hitler thought slaughtering millions did so. It's all a matter of perception. Besides, religion has caused equal amounts of terror, grief, and fighting, trust me.

As for the flash, wonderful job. It was hilarious.

Graphics - Amazing job. Vibrant and atmospheric.
Style - Haven't seen many flashes like this before, but nothing too shiny.
Sound - Music was fitting, dialogue was clear, and was generally perfect.
Violence - N/A
Interactivity - It has a play button...
Humor - Nice joke concept. Made me laugh.

Overall - Good flash, short, and enjoyable. I'll give you a four.

Just to point out to MrFantastic....if u see this.

Did you know Hitler strongly believed in evolution(mixed with paganism)? Thats why you see those stuff about Aryans and survival of the fittest..leading to the holocaust...So, which means I can say evolution brought out nothing good but death to millions? Seriously, you can't say christianity (or other religion) or even evolution is responsible for the violence around the world. Its just sinful humans. Plus their misinterpretation and lack of understanding about their beliefs.

Hope my point is clear...