Reviews for "God's Message"

Like it!!!!!

Clean joke, and still has a moral. Nice! Love it! Two thumbs up ^^!


im sending this to all of my friends they will laugh till they die.

Heh, funny

I heard this joke before, and I'm not religious, but it's still hilarious (:
The art was very nice, too. Thanks for the good rendition of a funny joke.

I love you, man!

Hilarious. I can't stop laughing.

Hehe. Cute for those on both side of the fence...

Let's start out with ignoring the actual message that's seemed to riled up the rest of these reviewers. The animation is good, the voice work is excellent, and it's stylized well: the transistion from SOLEMN CHRISTIAN MOVIE to JOKE, HEHE, was done well.

It's cute, and I'm saying this as an atheist. It's just a joke, not a bit of propoganda, and it was pulled off well.

...now. The rest of this forum has no idea what they're talking about. Natural selection and evolution have NOTHING to do with slaughtering people. The only thing Hitler did that involved natural selection had to do with "bloodlines" more than selection, when he outlawed the marriage of any Jew (and let's not forget the handicapped, blacks, gypsies, foreign, socialist, communist, or gay people, hmm?) to any Gentile. If you want to talk about Hitler's reasoning, Mein Kempf (you know, that book he wrote in which he TALKS ABOUT HIS REASONS?) and get back to me.

Hereby evoking Godwin's law. You lose, Vlad.

"Second, if there is no God, then why do people care whether or not religion has caused deaths? If there is no God, all death is is a permanent rest... in which case, atheists should be jumping up and down for joy when religious fanatics, or anyone else for that matter, slaughters people."

Illogical conclusion.
Assume for a moment that "no God" is a fact. "no God" does NOT = "no afterlife", and "no afterlife" does NOT = "no God". Not every person's view is clearly defined.
I personally see death as an end: that point at which life ceases, and with it , all perception of life. As the brain and body die, the being dies, and I personally think that that's just the end of it (though, of course, no one knows until they actually go through it). I'm not thinking that death is like sleep: I'm thinking death is "nothingness". I'm thinking that life should be lived to its fullest, and, because of the short time we have, it should not be snatched away. Why would anyone want to kill people so that these people could experience nothingness? It makes no sense. You're trying to compare atheism to the cults that perform mass-suicides to move forward into a better afterlife. It's not the same thing.
Millions of people ALREADY decide for themselves what is good and what is bad without listening to the Bible's advice. I'm betting you're one of them, if you've ever worn polycotton blends, eaten shrimp, or stoned your children for not honoring you. There are systems of rules that exist for the purpose of keeping society safe, and they are followed because, as a rule, they BENEFIT society and therefore also benefit the person who follows them. Whether they were inspired by God or made by human invention, that's your own decision to make. But your claim that, as an atheist, I enjoy killing people and think that nothing is right and nothing is wrong, is insulting to me, and I don't think you realize that. For you, I reccomend "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: The Science of Morality". Don't worry; it's neither Christian- or atheist-leaning. It's just neutral.

People with beliefs tend to feel very strongly that THEIRS IS THE RIGHT ONE, and tend to try and force that view on others who think some other way. It should be stopped, no matter who's doing it. Each individual person must decide for themselves what religion or lack there of makes most sense and is most fufilling to them.

PatrickMajewski, I'm sorry that your reviews have had to be filled with such arguments. Feel free to message me for a conversation about these things, as I enjoy religious conversation in which neither party is trying to convert the other.