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Reviews for "MH16: The Big Change"


i like the twist sound in the background of teh beginning along with the flute. it is very calming and soothing. favorited. for some reason, it goes well with china day today.
PS. i am still very scared about this whole china occasion.

FairSquare responds:

L.o.l., do not worry about the China thing. It's not real. Look at the date :P
Thanks for the review! :D


Very nice as always! And also nice use of effects! Well i dont got much more to say hey!

5vote ;)

FairSquare responds:

Thanks! :D


this is really similar to hopes and dreams i think

FairSquare responds:

Do you think?
I think Hopes And Dreams had better melodies.
Anyway, thanks for the review :-)


Very Cool...

This is so cool sounding. I mean really, it is such a general thing to say in a review. But this just sounds...Well...COOL! :-D

I really like the piano part. It really has a nice feel to it.

You are one of the few artists on here that I like, who uses so many effects in their music. Normally the effects get in the way of the song. But you sir, you really enhance the piece with effects and different sounds. And this song is no different. So bravo to you!

I really like the mix of instruments you used. It all flows so well together, and every instrument really lives and breathes off of the rest of the ensemble. Terrific job in the instrumentation and mix bud!

Overall, there really isn't anything bad to say about this.

5/5 and 10/10 overall.

This has been favorited!


FairSquare responds:

Well thank you sir! :D
I really appreciate it :-)


this MH16 is quite astounding, i beleive that this song is very similar to HaD which was also beutiful...but this is probably the best so far!

FairSquare responds:

Thanks! :D