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Reviews for "MH16: The Big Change"


this is really similar to hopes and dreams i think

FairSquare responds:

Do you think?
I think Hopes And Dreams had better melodies.
Anyway, thanks for the review :-)



Very nice as always! And also nice use of effects! Well i dont got much more to say hey!

5vote ;)

FairSquare responds:

Thanks! :D

Nice, the feeling is awesome....

I'm not a big fan of the sliding flute sound, nor the sinewave beep, nor the transition method into the A-minor section. The a-minor section was pretty much flawless though, I loved it.

Excellent mix here, I can hear every instrument almost completely perfecly. The drums, as always, are enviably nice, the chord choices were pretty damn good, it's very very nice.

Nice use of dynamics, I see you've improved greatly on that front *thumbs up*

That last section feels particularly powerful, especially when the brass instrument comes in, I just want to say. At least, it was powerful and emotional to me.

Really nice job on this. Excellent, really!

FairSquare responds:

I think i made a few mistakes in this song, but i only learn from the mistakes that i make.
I really appreciate the review so, thanks again :-)


hmm. i dunno, just don't feel it.

i think the main, high instrument didn't go with it or something. i feel like a total jerk. the pause sounded like it should have been an ending. a good day to submit your music on though. ( :3 just don't think it was as good as your other stuff. your usual techno touch is missing too i think. or more receded than usual. it was OK. :B

FairSquare responds:

Don't be afraid to tell me what you think. You're not being a jerk, you just tell me how you feel about this track.
Wether i agree with you, that's another thing, but i can understand that this song doesn't really attract you.
Thanks for the review :-)

Umm..eww!! Wtf..!?

Is this song a JOKE? ...

...April Foouuhhhhhlllll's!! XD

[I'm guessing it didn't work? :P] Okay, this is very hard to review. VERY hard. !
At some points you have these great chords...and the effects and stuff..good stuff.
I like that big swooshing wave at 1:10 or so. Gave texture. It nearly made me shiver :P And the filtering sometime around 1:35. Good timing, and the sudden silence after the slurping almost scared me for reason -_^ I don't know...it kind of killed the mood?

But...my major problem with this piece is that I feel like nothing is matching up. The keys and strings... I feel like okay...say some strings are playing "A", okay...and the keys in that particular measure would be playing some pattern/combination of say , B, A, G, and C. With the A being played by the strings, the G and B would highly contradict the A and create some unnecessary tension. I was trying to relax to this piece, dammit! >XO
Basically I heard a lot of non-harmony. You, again, have those nice melodies playing around and a lot of good harmony at some parts, but when they played together my ears were like, aah!! This isn't right. So watch what notes are playing together...
If the notes are indeed compatible, then it's probably like what jazz does...go in and out of key like there isn't one, but it still makes it through. Try to stay in one or a couple of keys at a time or else it's confusing to me o_P (<--as confusing as that xD)
All your sounds and instruments, however, are all well-suited to each other. And although several of your notes sound contradicting, the mood the song never really altered. That's thanks to some of the great chords you placed nicely. :D Progression-->yay!
AND again, your drums were absolutely amazing in my opinion. I think they were by far the best part in creating the mood and just..everything else :D And I think with it, your highest melodies are boss. Example...the flute was really nice at some parts, but I think it was the harmony that ruined it and some of the other synths.. yeah. Okay, I got it!!
[okay..whaaaat? ....It seems that every time I review you, I learn of a new way to express my thoughts of an apparently uncomplicated concept much simpler. xD]

Soo..back to it../
..oh man I think I temporarily forgot... D:<
*takes a minute to remember*
Oh yeahhh...~~!!!! Okay. NOw I remember. Okay, it's like it is lately. You have probably 3-4 synths/instruments playing their own stuff at the same time, and even one contradicting note could ruin the whole measure, depending on the harmony and the background and even tempo sometimes. It's harder to track what is playing at the same time ..but I have to keep checking when I am composing..that I'm matching notes in a way that suits the song and what I want :P
Argh, you know what.? This is getting to complicated to review. And I'm probably making less sense now..I've totally slipped out of review-mode ! Kinda like some internal time-limit. WEll, I hope this was of some use to you.
And by the way, the title does fit :-)

FairSquare responds:

Thanks for this awesome review.
I really don't know what i should say.. you really say some true stuff in your review and i really appreciate that. I really do! But i just don't know how to respond to that :P
Well, i guess saying thanks is the best way so...
Thanks! :D