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Reviews for "[ f ] 300 Remix"


This track is solid, the drums have always been your strong point and I was loving that kick? I don't know what to call it lol, it's like a chopped Godzilla stomp of some sort >_> Well I hope you get the point but I'm loving this beat man, the sample is great. Stay up.

flashmac responds:

Thanks a lot man


liked the drum.Really great to play halo3 on line listening to it.hi hi hi.good job

flashmac responds:

hope it helps you kick ass lol. Thanks bro


Nice. I loved the drums.

flashmac responds:

Thanks for the review

Great sample

This is nasty.
Keep it up.

flashmac responds:

Thank you Joey!


I loved the original song....
But your remix is way much better...
The choir fits your background,
Good Work
I just wanted to know from where to get the original song...

flashmac responds:

it's from the 300 soundtrack. you can probably find it on limewire. Thanks for the review dude