Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Very nice

Pros: Nice and smooth. Good rotation and movement. The colors helped to set the mood.

Cons: A bit short. Also, the movement of the character going up the stairs was choppy.

Overall, quite nice. Are you planning to make any sequals to this?

Not one of your best

I really like your flash movies. Well, i have only seen two of them, this and Kong. Just like King i liked the black/white concept and I also like your shadowing effects. However, the story line to this one was not as great. Why the hell would someone walk into someones house after hearing gunshots. Iwould have ran the hell away.
Anyway, it was very good for a short film and i didn't excpect the ending.

Damn good for ur first

This should teach all those nosey ass people to mind there own business. But this was pretty good.

Great for the time that it was made

Although your most recent work is better (as it should be) this was one of the best for its time. By the way, i know the music is by portished, but what is the song called as i have been looking for it. Keep up the animation


This is the kind of entry that brought me to Newgrounds in the first place! A brilliantly stylistic entry, with groundbreaking visuals for the time! I love the noir-esque look to it with the black and white used to great effect, with the blood red really being emphasised!

The main downfall for this piece is the story. It looks amazing, but the sotry doesn't really hold up to well, as slight as it is. Who is this man that decides to start randomly investigating gunfire? You'd think if he was a detective of some sort he would be slightly more effective in the outcome of the movie.

Still, this is an amazing movie, and exactly the type of thing I like to see here on Newgrounds.