Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

More story

I really like the art and concept, but the story was very incomplete and left me in the dark.

Stylish, Very Stylish

Awesome film making. The mood is set very well by your choice of music, and the body language of the man in the black suit. I like the frightening discovery, but what made this movie was the stylish almost retro depiction of the female killer...

pretty cool

it could have been longer but it still had cool flash and music.

I heard a noise

nunca volvere a espiar por si esucho algun sonido!!!

A well crafty piece of work done here! :D Very well done and noir indeed. Crude and dark. Mysterious but straight to the source. Sadly it was short, but very well animated to suit all the angles and true forms of lighting and shades with the music. Indeed a very crafted piece of GOOD WORK!