Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

This is the best flash movie in the Portal yet....

This movie is just so damned stylish, I can't believe the rest of you can't see that, when this movie first arrived in the old Portal my jaw just dropped, it was the most original & arty piece of work anyone had ever seen, it's such a pity that since the Portal went auto people only vote for sex, violence & crass humour.

By all rights this movie should be at number 1 but instead it was scoring around 400 at the time I wrote this, All you voters should be ashamed of yourselves.

Now that has got a lot of punch

Now that has got a lot of punch. Very powerfull, I especially like the nice cinematic qualitie of the different camera angles. Excellent

Beautiful visuals with beautiful sounds

Easily one of the most stylish in all of the Portal. Nice angles, with a really slow and relaxed feel, until the only other color is intoduced into the sequence. then the music as well as the visuals engage the audience dramatically.

this is my ...

favorite submission from u because this is as good as some peoples work or better than they ever made in an lifetime u r a natural and that fuck nut that was questioning this flash before me or any of them ho did can just go to fucking hell

i am stunned

wow, you must be a talented animator if this is your first animation, it's brilliant. 10.10