Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


I agree that the voters have their heads up their asses on this one. This is what Flash should be. How it was pulled off I will never know. Excellent work.

Weird......And Creepy

Weird......And Creepy... nice shocking sceans

This is right up there with Scrotum

I cannot believe this movie's rating is so low. People just give good ratings to zero-effort movies such as "Delta Ebonics " and "History of Fuck!" I guess people didn't like Blanco because they didn't "bust a nut laughing." Blanco y Negro, though short, is one of the best movies in the Portal (but then again, with all these stick figure movies, that's not saying much). So you can go and vote "History of Fuck!" a 5, but this one will always remain a classic.

A Portal classic.

I remember when this movie first came out in the old Portal. It was far more artistic than any other movie in the Portal, and it still is today. Yet, for some reason, it's ranked in the 300's while garbage like "History of Fuck" sits atop the Portal ranks... oh well.
This is one of the best movies in the Portal. The artwork is top-notch, and the music and black-and-white colors help establish the general mood. Excellent work, Raz.

This is the best flash movie in the Portal yet....

This movie is just so damned stylish, I can't believe the rest of you can't see that, when this movie first arrived in the old Portal my jaw just dropped, it was the most original & arty piece of work anyone had ever seen, it's such a pity that since the Portal went auto people only vote for sex, violence & crass humour.

By all rights this movie should be at number 1 but instead it was scoring around 400 at the time I wrote this, All you voters should be ashamed of yourselves.