Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

very well done

I would just like 2 say thank you for that. the music was perfect it all came together as a very powerfull animation i loved it I gave u a 5

dog shit

total dog crap man!

until this, i thought he was funny. definitly more serious that others

Great work

This is obviously more serious than your other flash movies... but not as gripping and epic as the story of two boy's and their struggle to deliver a letter on time with numerous hardships to overcome and the thought of failure blocking them at each pass. You know what I'm talking about: Peter and James: A Race Against Time.

Cool and dark

Cool atmosphere created with the black and white. But the end kind of leaves you hanging.

Sexy and dark. I loved it!

The music kicks my ass!! That's why Portishead rocks. I loved every second of it. The only movie so far that I will watch again! Bravo!