Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


Another great film Razzo. I'm telling you man, you should start a series involving your black and white animations with a storyboard. Good job man.


Again, your movie making style adds the elements of that 50's atmosphere which is rare in todays flash movies. It is a unique style that Razzo implemented onto all of his films. Another short classic. Keep up the awesome work and hope to see more of your unique films and works.

very good

ive seen some newer ones anybody that lieks this style should check them out, commisioner kong is a good one to look at its very entertaining


I remember a while back, when I first saw this movie, I loved it. I still love it! The style is great keep it up RAZZO!

ah ha

good clip over all. and now we see what happens when u stick yo dickie in places it was not wanted.