Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


I like that you used Portishead in the background!Also ," It was nice to see you too time with the graphic's.I would like to see more of a story!

it's ok

I mean the it was pretty short and could use some more story but I think it was nice. I would have also liked some voice acting but the animation was well done.


Haha, its funny if you go through the comments and see the difference of 8/9 years.
well, I think that this flash was not only good for 2000 but also for 2008. Good choice of music and good graphics n all. I wonder what was your purpose in making this back then though...i don't get it lol.

i am stunned

wow, you must be a talented animator if this is your first animation, it's brilliant. 10.10

Eh, s'ok

Animation was decent but I've seen much better.