Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Wow, this music is awesome!!!

I love the part when you show the woman as the killer towards the end. Revealing her as the killer along with the music was pure genius. :)


not bad for ur first animation, the story was kinda dumb the animation was good for ur first time and i liked the music


However considering the facrt it's 8 or 9 years old, Fantastic.


this was the most pointless flash movie EVER! why the F*** did he HAVE to check out a F***ING GUNSHOT. Is he some kind of a retard that want's to die. The story was ubeliveably stupid, and the animation was really static, it's like some picture cut-outs were flying in the air. But since this is yor first animation im giving it a 5 :D


This was the first flash on Newgrounds that was actually like an artistic masterpiece. I think, I'd seen this awhile ago, but never got to reviewing it, it's a little short but your visual style is just so strong and smooth, that the duration doesn't matter. I look forward to seeing your other stuff, but wish you had continued to make more flashes.