Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


that was one of the best first flashes i've seen. if this was a school prodject you'd get an a. it's not so all you get is me saying it would be worth an a. um, neat.

That was very good. I like it alot.

You have very great talent. I loved how you used the shadows. Also I jumped a little when the dead guy was shown, little unexpected. Anyway, keep up the great work.



Although at times the animation looked shabby (waling up the stairs) the graphics were quite stunning especially the railings. Use of shadow, perspective were all spot on. Absolutely brilliant work.

Mysterious, creepy, but enjoyable.

So, this is the all time classic noir of this site. Well, this was your first movie Razzo, and it was highly intriguing, and dark. The coloring and backgrounds of the film really matched a feeling that fit perfectly the main storyline.
It was a gripping film, but I think that the music (although it’s decent) sort of ruined the touch you breefly meant to give about the plot, that included creepiness, blood, and other elements. But what I can't deny is that it was a terrifically well constructed film.


First Flick? Very Nice! Ever thought of making a sequel?