Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

For it's time this was epic.Sure, it's short, but it had high quality animations, a plot, and a nice ending! This flash had it all for the time, and that's why it still holds up as a classic.


Nice short film, nice music it fits the story in a sense, and you ended it with a cliff hanger. Good job


This is the kind of entry that brought me to Newgrounds in the first place! A brilliantly stylistic entry, with groundbreaking visuals for the time! I love the noir-esque look to it with the black and white used to great effect, with the blood red really being emphasised!

The main downfall for this piece is the story. It looks amazing, but the sotry doesn't really hold up to well, as slight as it is. Who is this man that decides to start randomly investigating gunfire? You'd think if he was a detective of some sort he would be slightly more effective in the outcome of the movie.

Still, this is an amazing movie, and exactly the type of thing I like to see here on Newgrounds.

Keep in mind, this is actually from 1999...

There is absolutely no reason for this to drop below 3 or risk BLAM etc...one of the first "bests".

I heard a noise

nunca volvere a espiar por si esucho algun sonido!!!