Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


Nosy guy died.

nice....but the plot kinda sucks

ok so heres the thing........you can have very good graphics and shit...but at the end of the day its the plot that matters.....now i believe that this story line could work but youd have to work harder on the reason why he decides to investigate......i mean if he were to hear shots, make a surprised face and run off to check it then its ok....but having an expressionless guy with some lettering saying i should check it out......just doesnt cut it

Good Job

this film was alright it had good suspense and but the ending was odd he just dies and thats it......Ron Burgandy

Well what do you expect to happen when you walk into a house that you know nothing about but the gunshots you hear? No witnesses man.

It was good, bring more and even more please. Loved the eyes, gave me a chuckle heh

it was ok...

for your first animaion plot needed more it would just be a little hard to belive that a man would just go inide a house where he heard gunshots


For your first animation it was okay, just okay though. The style is creative and I like the graphics (except the characters have no eyes). Make it longer and put more effort on the plot. It needs to be more meaningful.