Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


This was like, the greatest shit Ive ever seen. Nice going, keep making more! =D

Perfect example of the noir genre!

I like this one a lot! Except for the abrupt ending, which left me hoping for a sequel...otherwise a perfect example of what noir is all about. In particular, the "walking-up-the-stairs" scene was right out of Psycho. Good stuff! Make another episode!

not that great

It wasn't that amazing. I did, though, understand the whole crime movie atmosphere or whatever (the black and white was cool) and after all, it was your first Flash, so i have to give you give credit for that.


this is just stupid man! so boring, nutin happens jus sum dumbass walkin an hears sumtin u owe me 3 minits of my life!!!


one of the many flash movies that should be deleted at least it was better than the last one i reveiwed... grrr i want my 3 minutes of life you took from me back since i watched this gay ass movie... nevermind