Reviews for "Garbage"

Just logged on to say that this is awesome! Im not realy a picky person. I like most art, music etc. I like to think I see the beauty in everything, im not realy a critic.

But then there are things that I reeeaaaly like, and this is one of them. Maybe different people just have different tastes. But i know what I like, and this peice is just amazing.

Great work, make more.

Instant favourite and wallpapered. Bazinga ;p

juturnal responds:

Wow Thanks a bunch gurvind, I really appreciate it! It's really hard for me to find that audience for my artwork and it's people like you that make me want to keep going!

This is epic.

juturnal responds:

Thank you Ulithixx!

There's a person in there. =o

A haunting piece indeed.

i fuckin love this! its just so beautiful yet its death and carnage. id love to put this on my wall and trip out and stair at it all day