Reviews for "Simon the Seagull"

this must be the summer

nothing but re-runs

it wasn't THAT good,but it made me laugh

well,i rated the movie so well because it scared the hel out of me,i was a little bored by the singing seagull,and then the shark ate it.
simple and funny,just the way i like it.


ya KILL HIM!!!!! hahahahhahahahahhahahahaha

At least it was short

You know, I saw Jaws not too long ago. It was better. Still, props to the artist for rending something with more dimention than a stick figure. I thought the Seagull singing "Beyond the Sea" in French was actually kind of funny. Way to show restraint by not spewing blood all over the place at the end.


you people are way too easily amused.... it's amazing you're not watching the upn primetime lineup on perpetual loop-- it's just for you special kids!