Reviews for "Simon the Seagull"


I think I've heard that song somewhere. I was just enjoying that nice calming song, when suddenly out of the blue, THAT had to happen. Pretty shocking and unexpected. Good job!!


I'm just glad to know at last who the fuck made this. DonKon stole it from you, and then somebody stole it from him, and then somebody stole it from that guy. Very confusing, but still a good movie.

Not too bad

I liked the graphics and there was good use of sound. But not funny.


that was good, very impressive and excellent use of graphics and design.it was funny.althoguh i did find tow things thta annoyed me:1) the shark bit through the wood like 3 times before it actually ate the bird. 2)AND LET'S SEE SOME BLOOD YOU FRENCH FRUIT PANSY!


That poor poor singing bird. I bet you no humans saw that bird and it's unique talents. Its so sad. :'(