Reviews for "VGDC survivor: ep. 1"

not too bad

well...what can i say...add some humor

pretty good

the original pixel art was cool i liked that, and turning the mario's into super saiyans was pure genius...lol.....on the next one see if u can get voice overs on, that would be cool....but apart from that its a good entry, the only reason i marked it down so low, was because it was a little short.....but i suppose we will have to wait for the rest of the series....*sigh*


needs a better way to do the speech thing.but good idea,like to see more

Funny idea, but short.

If you will, make it longer. And up the graphics.

It's an interesting idea, but I expected actual vg characters. Ah well. It's an OK movie, but it can be much, much better.

u can do better

u know, u could have used pop up subtitles instead of that annoyng cliking thing, and i know it's hard to be done but if u could include voice actors it would be great