Reviews for "VGDC survivor: ep. 1"

Im glad i was a part of this

cant wait for ep 2

I really liked it

It had some funny parts that I liked the most like the ssj mario ringtone thing. It's good. I can't wait for episode 2

Friggin' SWEET!!~

funie as hell!!! how do you you make sprites???? anyway, keep up the goud wooerk

well it show alot of promise

great idea good use of sprites and interesting characters i hope 2 see more episodes from u

lol cute.

"I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 12" "14!" lol learn to count you dumbass..... btw, for those of you who have no stinkin clue, mario's cell phone ring was the DBGT japanese theme. "Answer your damn phone already!" "But the tone is catchy!"