Reviews for "VGDC survivor: ep. 1"

Reality shows suck

But, flash parodys pwn. Sprites are kinda old, but at least there are no stick fights. I loved the green border. Quite good, keep it up.

it was ok

But it didn't seem to have any connection to VGDC, are you just using the name to get attention?

Psycosis91 responds:

well, all the characters are from the fourms of VGDC, we voted and everyone thought that would be the best name for it

pretty good

the original pixel art was cool i liked that, and turning the mario's into super saiyans was pure genius...lol.....on the next one see if u can get voice overs on, that would be cool....but apart from that its a good entry, the only reason i marked it down so low, was because it was a little short.....but i suppose we will have to wait for the rest of the series....*sigh*

It's a good idea...

not a bad idea, especially with the screwed up characters (i.e. ssj bros.), but really not that funny. Just make it longer and better, and try to add some humor while you're at it. Also, i suggest getting rid of the "whoosh" sound for every little thing that happens. It's annoying as an airhorn blaring through a megaphone.

not too bad

well...what can i say...add some humor