Reviews for "VGDC survivor: ep. 1"

Hmmm. Pretty good

I'm not sure if it should all be done in one episode, or if being in parts is better, for shorter loading times and for those who want to save individual parts of this, should the overall show should suck.

Funny idea, but short.

If you will, make it longer. And up the graphics.

It's an interesting idea, but I expected actual vg characters. Ah well. It's an OK movie, but it can be much, much better.


I cant wait till episode 2 it is so funny. And the ending was funny. "pick a number between 1 and 12. 14."

man where is it?!?

man where the heck is the other episodes ive waited like 4 months or somthin and still no ep 2 when is it gonna come out? anyway goodjob it was pretty short tho and the ending was crappy HURRY UP WITH EP 2

not bad

the dialog boxes killed me, lucky for me the doctors brought me back after I flatlined so i could type this