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Reviews for "Poison creature - Teratogenic"

I think my favorite part of this piece is the inspiration it was drawn from. I mean, I see a lot of monsters, a lot of deformed looking creatures, but this is a whole different breed of creation. I think since there are so many humanoid features in the upper body and the shape of the baby heads, it could have used a little more femininity in the head. I'm not saying it need be beautiful, just something that is an easier determination of "female."

Apart from that, I really love the amount of detail you put into the different elements of the piece. Excellent work.

claw hand needs 1 more finger.

very nice, if you can say that :D but i have to say the face could've been more deformed , thus the tears would freak you more out i think. but nonetheless nice work ;)

oh wow man after clicking in full size the details and texture of the creature is outstanding :D the multiple morphed babies head in the creature chest reminds me a bit of dead space. btw is this creature female before it turn into this? and what did you use to make this masterpiece

you sir have earned my 5 stars. keep it up

thomahawk responds:

Thanks for the 5 stars!
This creature has never been human. See her as something you would come across in your nightmares. I based her on teratogenic poisons (they cause deformaties during pregnancy). I chose a female to represent the mother, and the morphed babies as her children. I tried to make her look protective of her children. That's the reason why I gave her one (soft) hand embracing her children, and another with a big claw, protecting them.

I used Adobe Photoshop and a simple wacom bamboo tablet to make this.