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Reviews for "Poison creature - Teratogenic"

this reminds me of queen slug-for-a-butt from earthworm jim

Hah Thom, your old colleague here. Didn't know you roamed here.

Recognized the art work on the front page, nice detail and design. Though you should have included the poison, this creature was based on, in your author comments for extra nightmare fuel.

The only downside this picture has as a whole is the background, but then again it was your design for a creature not it's surroundings.

I'd tap that.

Woman are like wine you see...

Anyway damn nice concept and design. Definitely unique and dark, perfect for a nightmare.

The previous image I saw before this one, I`ve said ''This is so weird''

Now I say no word....I`m just crying happy tears of blood while eating roted human flesh

Really nice, but i'd add some more lights, the general ambience, though intended, is way too dark.