Reviews for "Ultra Avenger (Clay)"

Heh, silly.

You get high sound points for the "crime fighting lightning gyro disk" line which was pretty funny, even the second time. The characters were pretty plain and the animation was ok. The ending was lame when he killed the bad guy in like three seconds, but it was still pretty funny when he refuses to give back the dog, so the ending works. Good job.


that was good really good i make claymations 2 but i dont use flash so there not on newgrounds. but umm... i dont wanna be offensive but that was so stupid i mean i thought it was awesome but it was stupid funny lol that ultra disk thingy was so stupid i fell outta my chiar laughing good job keep making them the same (especially if they arte fun to make :) )

So Funny!

That had to be one of the funniest claymations I've ever seen! Please make more, it was hysterical!!

hahaahha ROFL very very funny

i loved this movie....it is awesome, seriously nice work man

Make it ur own

You should have really made the clay characters different rather than looking so much like Knox's do. That would have made it seem more as your own work rather than trying to copy something that has already been done. But good job none the less.