Reviews for "Journey to the East ~P~"


While some parts may sound a bit repetitive, it doesn't seem that noticeable because of the change of instruments. The transitions were really good, and the instruments were very eastern. Really good job on this, judges won't have too hard of a decision

Phyrnna responds:

Yeah maybe... but with the time limit on the songs I didn't have room to expand any extra themes. I may do a longer remake of this though.
As for the instruments, the only Chinese ones in there were the Guzheng, the Pipa, and the Erhu. Most of the instruments were western as all the others used were the piccolo, flute, violin, viola, cello, and timpani.

Love it!

The beginning sounds like something out of an intense Japanese cartoon with samurais and ninjas. :P

Then at 00:24 it's all epic with strings and the drum in the background.

Then it starts to fade, sounds like the drummers are moving further away.

Now, for some epic flute solo!!! :D

Really changes the mood. I really like it. I feel like I'm flying over the Woo-Tang mountains and through the clouds and whatnot. :3

Everything about this song makes me think of China, and the hills, agriculture, music, dress, living, festivals, and anything else I haven't mentioned.

Awesome work Mel! I'm quite amazed at how far you've come in making music in FL, I'm really proud of you! :D


Keep up the awesome work!!!

Phyrnna responds:

Hahahah, thanks for the review. I'm glad to hear that you got a tasting of Chinese culture in all it's forms from this song! :D

You're awesome too!


Reminded me of a Jackie Chan's movie I saw last week, the song is simply lovely, the dynamics are fantastic, it almost sounds like it was played by a real orchestra!

Something I must admit is that I really didnt like is the intro, the bass drum sound you picked from the FL Studio default hits has way too much reverb and makes the song sound a lil weird.....hmmm you uses it again DX lol

Another flaw I noticed was the ending, it was a lil bit weak for my taste and out of time...nevertheless, the flute is lovely, but you really need to fix that transition from the strings to the flute.

Without counting the two things above mentioned, I really enjoyed this song! Its simply fantastisc, I take my hat off :D

Btw, I see you are a lot into Classical, could you please review my latest classical song "Mad Mafia", I would really appreciate and I would return the favor of course ; )



Phyrnna responds:

Yay! Success, I got that "real orchestra" feel even with bad samples! :D

And hahahaa, I'm glad you recognized the drums. I personally put that reverb on it... maybe it was too much? I like it though. ^_^

The ending is a little "weak." But it was like that because I didn't want to overshoot the 3:50 time limit on the songs. Otherwise I would've had a better ending in store.

Thanks for the compliments! :D


I Hope I Don't Gotta Face This ... Lol :D

Good Job..

Nice And Clean.



Gl In Comp..


Phyrnna responds:

Awww, I'm sure your song will be great too! :D
Thanks for the compliments too.
Good luck to you also for the competition!

This is AWESOME!

It sounds really nice!

Phyrnna responds:

Thank you for listening and enjoying! :D