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Reviews for "Journey to the East ~P~"

Too bad...

It onlt get a 1 in the Entertainment part in the score. But, a question for the classical music fans (like me), do you find the music of Schubert, Beethovan, Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, Strauss, et cetera, entertaining? My personal answer, no. Full of humor and wits it can be, but not entertaining.
P.S. I, actually a Chinese (somehow but true), really thinks that it sounds great, full of Chinese instruments and also timpani, synth pad (maybe, in fact idk).
Chian the Forest Dweller on the "tree" top.

Drawing from the same spring of inspiration

I am very pleased that you created a Eastern/Asian themed track. I have a particular enjoyment on Asian themed music. I did something similar myself in the past here on NG (you mind-reader, you... :D). But while I focused on one main instrumental/percussion (Nomad of the Strings) melody, you focused your theme on a strong, multiple blend of percussion, classical string backing, native Asian instruments, and and elegant wind notes (what type of flute and/or woodwind is being used btw?).

I hope you will do some more exploration with this kind of music once again someday.

5/5 Vote
10/10 Stars
And greatly enjoyed!



This is both Epic and Awesome in the same time :D

First, the quite peaceful part, and then drums, manly hums (xD?) and other war thingies :D Pure ownage.

5/5, faved and downloaded.


PS: Can't force myself to turn this off xD

Congratz on 1st place Mel :D

Glad you won the contest :D

Is it a Erhu and Pipa I hear in the beginning? :D
I love the hits, and the melodies are awesome :D I hear why this came at first place :D I miss a tipani drum though :( The Guzheng sounds kinda like a Luan on high octaves, but on the other hand, I'm not that good at asian instruments :P
The outro was very nice aswell.

The song it self got whole lot of asian feeling to it :D Sounds as if it were ment to be in a Kung-fu movie :D Featuring Jet Lee :D

This song deserves 1st place :D


Let me know when/if you submit a piano song when you play the piano and record it ^^

Cheers Mel <3

Phyrnna responds:

I'm glad that you like it a lot.
I felt that the outro was lacking, but with the time limit it was the best I could do.
And I certainly was imagining a martial arts epic while writing this.
Thanks for the marks and DL!

1st place?

woah good job mate! this is really nice too =) very chinese!


gtg to school now :D

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks for stopping by! :D