Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 12"

kick ass as always dave

as soon as he said far off future i knew matt was going to have a cameo in this. its funny cause in show and hell, he mentioned he comes from the "far-off future" of 2005 A.D and it is now 2005 A.D. yet we still don't see and futuristic stuff on RAB lol. good gag though. keep it up.

Hooray for Rab

Well I am making an expection to this review from my regular review. The rab series is simply wonderful.
Woot spring break always room boobs in every rab. Did I see a subminal vote 5 billboard. That nobody else saw.

Happy St. Pattys if your white you can celebrate unless your gay.

very good

awesome job

Always Bomb!

R.A.B. are BOMB

loved it

"They Live" is my all time favorite movie.
nice to see a little humor come out of it xD

love all these movies!