Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 12"

nicely done and very creative

it also nice to see someone who at least looked like a charecter from one of your earlier works (Lenny) you should bring some of the Sci-Fi Guys episodes here to Newgrounds

Yet another kickass flash...

YO dude this is by far one of the best retarded animal babies episodes. O and by the way "HAPPY SAINT PATTYS DAY EVERY1!"

Reminds me...

Reminds me a lot of David Firth's work


Awesome, as usual. Can't get enough of Retard Animal Babies

Big brown babies? basketballs in ur "secret place"

My god this was by far the best of the entire series, and to all those fucking queers who say "stop cuz j00 r 4 f4g!i! j00 r th3 suck13st" ur just jelous that u have no sense of humour and can not make flash for shit...i have tried and i know how damn hard it is to make something this amazing.
Dave, keep it up and thanks for the "easter egg" it helped me quite a bit, as i have had a lot of trouble with walk cycles.
Excellent as always