Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 12"

fucking awesome

god I love RAB, yeh you definitely stole that from the movie "They Live", awesome movie. Anyway another great RAB movie, love em all.

That was just retarded.

The first one was hilarious but after that they just get dumber and dumber.


RAB 1 to RAB 12, all the same...... Funny as shit.

keep em comming man.

another great RAB lol

you've done another great job on yet another funny as fuck episode of RAB! keep them coming lol 5/5

Once again, a masterpiece

I love this series sooooo much! I would buy the DVD, but more and more great ones keep coming out and I want to have them ALL on it! This series is great and beats out the best of the best. Man, I hope your leg feels better too, Dave. Car wrecks suck nuts.